Eugenie Bouchard Looks Beautiful In Her New Fitted Outfit: Check Inside

Eugenie Bouchard looks beautiful in her new fitted outfit: CHECK INSIDE

Eugenie Bouchard looks beautiful in her new fitted dress: look inside

Eugenie Bouchard is back to wow her Instagram followers with a new surprise outfit.. The beautiful Canadian tennis player wears a beige outfit, a crop top shirt and a very tight mini skirt with vents in the picture in question.

The photo showed all the sensuality and perfect body of the Canadian tennis player. Not only this: To complete the photo perfection, even the natural backgroundA flower garden with beautiful purple flowers and a huge tree behind her.

Here is a photo of Eugenie Bouchard’s Instagram page:

Bouchard: «I’m going to start having kids, if only…»

Eugenie Bouchard has recently made a regular return to top tournaments after a year and a half away from the circuit due to a shoulder injury.

Despite a lack of results over the past few years, the former world No. 5, now down to 292nd in the WTA rankings, will be looking to make up for it under her belt. The 29-year-old has competed in three tournaments this year and is still in the qualifiers for the Copa Colasanitas WTA 250 round of 16 after exiting the ASB Classic and the Australian Open.

Bouchard played on clay for the Master 1000 tournaments in Madrid and Rome. In a recent interview, Ginny said: «Of course, I still see myself fighting for the title. If I didn’t believe in it anymore, I wouldn’t have spent all this time and effort to get back.

Recovering from an injury takes a lot of patience, a lot of time and energy. I do it because I think I can still get back to the top. If I didn’t believe it, I would focus on having a baby or something else.

Getting back into playing was a long process and I thought it was really worth it. In the end, I decided yes, because I would regret it if I had to end my career due to injury. Now I’m motivated more than ever to give back.

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