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Elina Avanesyan is a professional tennis player from Armenia who has been making waves in the tennis world with her stunning looks and impressive game.

Early Life:

Elina was born in Yerevan in 1996. She began playing tennis at the age of 8 and quickly showed a natural talent for the sport. Her parents encouraged her to pursue tennis and she began training at the national tennis center in Yerevan.

Tennis Career:

Elina turned pro in 2014 and has since been playing in tournaments all over the world. She is known for her powerful serve and aggressive style of play. Elina has won several titles throughout her career and has also represented Armenia in the Fed Cup.

Hot Pics:

Elina has been turning heads with her stunning looks both on and off the court. Check out some of her hottest pics below:

Elina Avanesyan Hot Photo


Elina has been called a «hottie» by many fans and journalists alike. Her stunning looks and athletic physique make her an ideal candidate for modeling gigs and endorsements.

Sexy Tennis Player:

Elina is not only a talented tennis player, but she is also a sexy one. Her short skirts and tight outfits have drawn attention from male fans and even some female fans.


While Elina has never posed for nude photos, some fans have created fake photoshopped images of her. It’s important to remember that these images are not real and should not be shared or circulated.


Elina’s sex appeal has helped her garner a large social media following. She often posts sexy pictures of herself on her Instagram account, which currently has over 100k followers.

Hot Photo:

One of Elina’s hottest photos was taken during a photoshoot for a sports magazine. Check it out below:

Elina Avanesyan Hot Photo


Elina has been spotted wearing a bikini on several occasions, including during vacation trips to tropical destinations. She has a toned and fit body that looks amazing in swimwear.

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