Diego Schwartzman's girlfriend enchants Rome: PHOTO INSIDE!

Diego Schwartzman’s girlfriend enchants Rome: PHOTO INSIDE!

Diego Schwartzman’s Girlfriend Enchanted Rome: Inside Photo!

The most active couple on social networks, composed of a tennis player, are all Argentinian. Diego Schwartzman and model and actress Eugenia de MartinoOne of the most beautiful women you’ve ever admired on a tennis tour. The two are very active on social media.Joke and have fun with the most interesting photos and videos.

No one can forget the celebrations of both during the World Cup, Diego literally went crazy for Argentina to win the title. The two have been engaged for some time now and often the womanIf she is not busy with work, she follows her boyfriend in competitions.

In a few days, next May 10 to be precise, the Italian international tournament will begin, the Masters 1000 will be held in Rome. There are many big names, the best of the international scene and among them Diego Schwartzman. The former top ten is not having an easy time and has indeed been in clear trouble in recent months.

Eugenia arrived in Rome and was immediately recognized: The beautiful model was photographed in front of many tourists at the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Very pretty, summery and really sensual dress. Eugenia shows her smile and her beautiful faceThe girl pretends to be a tourist but doesn’t miss the contribution of Diego, a tennis player who is working to perpetuate the crisis.

In recent months, the South American tennis player has fallen in the rankings, dropping out of the top 50 and his concerns on clay have also led to him dropping out of the top 100.

Eugenia tries to get her partner back and recover from the crisis. In recent years, the world of tennis has become increasingly popular with the help of social networks. There are many tennis players who are very active on social media and all the fans want to know about their favorite’s curiosity and personal life.

Fans often want to know not only tennis players, but also their partners and those who spend most of their time with their loved ones. In these hours we discussed the love story of Paula Badosa and her partner, Cuban model and actor Juan Betancourt.

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