Dayana Yastremaska changed her hairstyle! PHOTO INSIDE

Dayana Yastremaska changed her hairstyle! PHOTO INSIDE

Diana Yastremaska ​​has changed her hairstyle! Photo from inside

The beauty of Ukrainian tennis Diana Yastremska She had been disqualified for doping some time ago, but after months of stress and controversy, she was able to exonerate herself, revealing that the anabolic mesterolone had entered her body through an affair with her now ex-boyfriend.

Yastremska has always been active on social networks, in the social world, especially on Instagram channels, she talks about the war in her country and the drama of the conflict in Russia. Apart from this, the beautiful Diana shares her most sensual look through the shots that will make all her fans dream.

The latest photos shared a few hours ago showed a truly sensational makeover.. The beautiful tennis player from Ukraine has shown some photos of a new hairstyle, made of the best hairstyles. Here are the photos shared on Instagram:

Diana narrates her drama.

The tennis player has opened up about the drama she is dealing with with her family about the war in Ukraine after the Russian invasion.

An unusual situation for a sportswoman and several months ago in an Instagram post, Diana explained: «We were at home in Odessa on Wednesday. Father.

The night was fun, I still remember everything that happened and the next day we woke up with a bomb. No one understood what was happening, everyone was crazy. It was reality, not a movie. As the mines continued to explode, we panicked and hid in an underground parking lot.

We reached the border, afraid of the bomb and the meeting with the tanks, cars were running in line. We were in shock saying goodbye to our parents but knew it was the right thing to do. Ivana started to cry, I had to control my emotions, I understand that sometimes I have a big responsibility. This is how our new life began.

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