Caroline Ruud's workout leaves her fans in awe!

Caroline Ruud’s workout leaves her fans in awe!

Caroline Rudd’s workout leaves her fans in awe!

Carolyn Rudd shared a gift on Instagram.. The post includes videos of Caroline doing some training exercises. As mentioned in the description, all fans have to do is like and comment on their favorite workout.

The winners will receive a headband, tennis ball and baseball cap signed by his brother Casper Ruud. In the video, the beautiful influencer shows off a truly amazing body, which drives her followers crazy.

Here is the video:

Casper Ruud against Rafael Nadal

In the new Rudd Talk podcast with Eurosport, Kasper Rudd teamed up with Barbara Sheath talks about many topics.

The first guest was Dominic Thiem. The two teamed up in the doubles tournament at Indian Wells, one of the wild cards in the doubles draw filled with singles stars. Because of the previous episode, the two talked about a common theme: they both played in the Roland Garros final against Rafael Nadal and lost.

According to the Norwegian tennis player, the 14-time French Open winner remains the man to beat in Paris. He said: «I think we can both say we wouldn’t be surprised if Rafa gets to the point of being ridiculous again.»

It doesn’t matter if he loses in Monte Carlo or Rome or Madrid. «Maybe the only thing on his mind these days is to be fit, healthy and ready for Roland Garros.» Dominic Thiem agrees with the current world number four’s version.

The Austrian tennis player has played and lost in both Grand Slam finals: Nadal at Roland Garros and Djokovic at the Australian Open. On which match he would like to play again if given the chance: “Both are their most successful matches so far.

But if I could choose a rematch, I’d still choose the 2019 Roland Garros final, perhaps with a slightly different arrangement with the rain delays.

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