Camila Giorgi Makes Her Fans Dream With A New Black Mini Dress

Camila Giorgi makes her fans dream with a new black mini dress

Camilla Giorgi makes her fans dreamy in a new black mini dress.
© Camila Giorgi Instagram account

Camilla Giorgi has her fans swooning with a new super sensual outfit. The strongest and most beautiful Italian tennis player, who is always active on social media, shared an amazing photo on her Instagram profile, followed by 730 thousand people.

In the shot, the tennis player is posing in front of the mirror in a very short black mini dress, very tight and clearly very emotional. Here’s the photo shared on Instagram Stories: Camila Giorgi Makes Her Fans Dream With A New Black

Camilla, fashion beyond tennis

In an interview with Corriere della Sera a few months ago, the 31-year-old beautiful tennis player explained how her personal life, fashion and tennis are related. «My life is not just about sports.

I can share competitions, results and trophies on other channels, but I like to share something else on social media. My femininity, being a woman, even my favorite shirt to go. No personal life, that’s just mine.

I consider myself an introvert, that’s what I tell myself. They are just photos. You can show it as long as you have the body, use it because then at a certain age you can’t show it anymore: my mother always told me, she has a special taste and she loved it very much. Photos.

«My dad is very open minded, he doesn’t mind if I wear heels or a mini dress, he lets me do anything as long as it’s done the right way,» she said in the interview. In addition to being famous for her tennis skills, Camilla has proven to have a unique style and is a true fashion icon.

From her court attire, Camilla is known for bold and sophisticated outfits. Instead of choosing regular tennis clothes, the tennis player usually wears colorful and imaginative clothes, which are sure to attract fashion fans. The choice of bright colors and attractive prints fully reflects her adventurous and daring personality.

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