British beauty Emma Raducanu spotted hand in hand with an Italian guy!

British beauty Emma Raducanu spotted hand in hand with an Italian guy!

British beauty Emma Raducanu was seen holding hands with an Italian man!

The beautiful British tennis player Emma Raducanu She was seen walking hand in hand with her friend Carlo Agostinli. Their alleged relationship came out in the media a few months ago, when Emma went to Mexico City. For a special event organized by Dior, one of the brands she is an ambassador for.

One boy appeared several times in some of the post-event photos: Carlo Agostinelli, whose mother is the head of public relations for the French mason and looks like it. In the last few hours, a new photo upset Emma’s fans. The Englishman was actually photographed with Agostinelli, the two of them gently holding hands, presumably during a break.

British beauty Emma Raducanu spotted hand in hand with an We recall that Radukanu is recovering after the triple surgery on her hands in the last few weeks.

Emma Raducanu shares updates on her injury.

Emma Raducanu represents one of the surprises in the recent history of women’s tennis.

The Brit won the US Open as a teenager for a total surprise that surprised everyone since qualifying a few years ago. Since then, she has been a star in her country and for years she wanted to become a champion and at the same time she had a physical and mental breakdown in sports.

After that great exploit, she didn’t have any good results and in a short time she was able to leave the world top 100. Then Emma suffered a serious injury, she had to undergo surgery and now she is on hiatus for a while. .

In the last few hours, however, important news arrived. Emma took to social media to post a photo of herself smiling while working out on a stationary bike at the gym. Although it is not a sign of returning to the court, the athlete has already undergone three surgeries in the last few messages and she dreams of giving her beloved one soon.

On Instagram, Emma posted the stories and wrote: «First training session in the gym before her return.» Despite her injuries, the beautiful Briton was spotted around the Wimbledon club all over England today. Among other things, Emma was seen chatting with Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales and wife of Prince William.

In a video posted on YouTube, Emma revealed to Kate that her goal is to try to return by the end of next month, although it won’t be easy. Among other things, many insiders and fans of the tennis player advised Emma not to rush to the court because it could lead to dangerous consequences.

Among them, former English tennis player Tim Henman, who advised Emma to return only when her physical condition is 100%. For now, Radukana has skipped Roland Garros and Wimbledon, but her fans are hoping to see her on court at the US Open.

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