ATP and WTA 250 events suffer from the economic power of Saudi Arabia.

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In a press conference on the eve of the ATP event in Buenos Aires, Spain’s Carlitos Alcaraz was asked about Saudi Arabia’s entry into the world of tennis. The young ATP No.2 will next participate in the Pharaoh 6 Kings Slam exhibition tournament in Riyadh in October 2024.

«It’s good to have more places for tennis, the countries we play in are opening up a bit. Arabia is a fast-growing country in every way, both as a country and in the world of sports. A lot of football events, boxing tournaments, now tennis tournaments, I think it’s good for the sport in general, how far I don’t know if we’re going, but it’s getting better,” he explained.

A few days ago, Roger Federer also spoke on the matter.

«One day the Laver Cup could be in Saudi Arabia. We’ll alternate between European cities and cities around the world. I think Saudi Arabia will be part of this conversation in the future,» said Federer’s agent, Tony Gosic.

Roger’s words were added to the representative’s speech: “Sport is the language that everyone speaks. Sport can facilitate dialogue and change. I see myself being the captain of the team one day, but I’d like to see someone else in it. A post-Rod Laver generation, someone between the ages of 50 and 65. These people deserve it first, before it’s my turn.

They reflect the law of supply and demand. These events help tennis develop, especially in areas of the world where the sport does not yet exist. Want to buy a Slam tournament? You can’t. Want to buy ATP Masters 1000? difficult. An ATP 500 tournament? You must log in online. That’s why the shows are so popular. I have great memories of my tour in South America and the time I played with Nadal in South Africa.»

It is clear how huge Arab financial power can upset the balance of tennis. Money and income can tempt tennis players, flashing the most powerful income options. At the expense of disrupting the old tournaments associated with rich Arab exhibition events? Obviously yes.

If Arab tennis continues to grow, it will be the ATP and WTA 250 tournaments that will suffer the most, and the ATP and WTA 500, where the most enthusiastic tennis players will be lost. Arabic call.

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Of course, players and Arabia must find a way to avoid the ban

Organizers of the Six Kings Slam have announced the entry list for the tournament, with Novak Djokovic, Carlos Alcaraz, Daniil Medvedev, Jannik Siner, Rafael Nadal and Holger Rohn among the names in the field.

All players have won at least one Grand Slam except Denmark’s Rooney. Last December, a showdown was held in Saudi Arabia between Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz before they left for Melbourne.

So why is it being said that participants in this event may be disqualified by the ATP at this time?

The problem with this event is that the exhibition is held in October at the same time as other official events of the ATP circuit.

In December, he retired from the ATP tour like the others. The law stipulates that tennis players cannot participate in such exhibitions for more than three consecutive days if official ATP events are being held.

But the Saudi organizers have already devised a plan to disqualify the players. That is, a two-day tournament is repeated after one break, in a cycle that can last up to 9 days for the entire tournament.

Although the formula has not yet been announced. By never playing for 3 days in a row, tennis players do not run the risk of running out of competition. But you can bet that the controversy over this performance and the pharaoh’s sums awarded to players will continue into October.

In a recent podcast, former US tennis player Andy Roddick reflected on Saudi Arabia, a country with discrimination against women, censorship and political persecution. And the former American tennis player linked his reflection with the world of tennis.

«It’s illegal in Saudi Arabia to leave. But we have players who left. Many players like Daria Katkina to name one. What should we say to these players if there are tournaments in that country? To take a week off. ?” Roddick said.

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