Aryna Sabalenka étoile in Paris

Aryna Sabalenka étoile in Paris

Beautiful clothes and amazing curves: Aryna Sabalenka étoile in Paris

Arina Sabalenka He qualified for the semi-finals. Roland Garros 2023Elina continued with a 6-4 win over Svitolina. The handsome Belarusian tennis player, She enjoys her Grand Slam free time in Paris..

In one of these moments Sabalenka visited White birdA popular restaurant in the heart of Paris. Arina posted an Instagram story about her visit to the restaurant, in which She wore smart brown pants and a large turtleneck that showed off her amazing curves..

A true étoile in Paris! Here is the picture: Aryna Sabalenka etoile in Paris

Arina Sabalenka says enough: «I didn’t feel safe.»

Aryna Sabalenka after the third round at Roland Garros 2023 in Russia’s Rakhimovica with a score of 6-2.

At the press conference, questions about the war in Ukraine followed each other, prompting the tennis player to make a decision. She asked the competition management not to hold it. open A press conference, but with fewer reporters.

Her request was accepted by the organization, and the reason is the tennis player herself: «I spoke to the media as usual after my match, I know that there are still some questions waiting for me, not about politics. About my tennis.

I have been answering these questions in competitions for months and it was very clear to me. These questions don’t bother me, I know I have to answer to the media about things not related to my tennis or my matches, but I didn’t feel safe at the press conference on Wednesday.

I should feel safe doing interviews with journalists after my matches. For my mental health and well-being, I have decided to leave this situation today, and the competition has helped me in this decision. It wasn’t an easy day, and now my goal is to keep playing well here in Paris.»

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