Zarazúa: &Quot;I Like To Play Under Pressure&Quot;

Zarazúa: «I like to play under pressure»


The Mexican player and his captain appeared in a press conference after starting the tie with a 2-0 deficit in the first two games.

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Renata Zarazúa could not prevent her team from facing the series tomorrow with such a negative result in favor of Spain. The Mexican played a good match but was outclassed by Párrizas who, despite not playing the best tennis, could compete very well. After his game, he went with Agustín Moreno to a press conference that ended the day on Friday. They talked about the tie, the captain’s assessment of his players and it was clarified that the tie is not yet lost.

The match and the situation at the beginning

– It’s difficult to start with a point, but we know what Sara plays on clay. Mentally I was prepared for it, although I have a lot of confidence in Fer, but the competitor was very tough and continued after that I don’t think it will change much. I’ve been through it before and it wasn’t against me. You serve better with a point in your favor, but I like to play under pressure. The net was sensitive for Spain at 4-4 and there were two important balls that didn’t fall to my side and he closed out the first set well. In the second I felt like I was there and it’s hard to defend all the time because he has a lot of shots.

Augustine Moreno

«Sara played very well, in the first set there were games where we were up and if we had won one of them maybe it would have been a little different. It was a very long 6-0. With Renata there were two kicks at a very difficult time, although you have to give credit to them because they played very well. It can change at any time, today they were ahead in every game and they had a bit of luck, we’ll have to see how they react when we’re up there.»


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