Serena Williams Beyond Tennis: Her Company Against Physical Pain

your company against physical pain

Serena Williams, co-founder of Will Perform, which focuses on physical recovery from workouts with topical pain relief, muscle and skin care products, could expand the offering. Serena said: «My coach said: the one who recovers the best is the one who wins.

All of us athletes risk our bodies every day. It is very important to be able to recover. In recent years, especially towards the end of my career, I started to think more about recovery and also the role it has played in my career.

I want to provide things that people really need and things that I can actually wear that are very authentic to me.” Williams says he came up with the idea for Will Perform in 2021 with the collaboration of Eric Ryan.

Ryan said: “The main idea is that all generations have a different relationship with health. My thesis has been that beginning Millennials really see health and wellness as a lifestyle pursuit. as an opportunity to really try to grow the creative brand that would connect with that audience.

But we have to do it in a way that doesn’t alienate men. What I love about Serena as a co-founder: She’s all about winning. She is this icon of style, beauty and grace. She and I bonded over design and style. There’s just no one else who brings those two opposing ideas together.»

Hank Mercier, CEO of Will Perform and its third co-founder, said, «I call Eric Ryan the Serena Williams of packaged goods.»

The earrings and titles of Serena Williams

Not only in singles Serena Williams can boast numerous victories, but also in women’s doubles and mixed doubles, where there are another 16 Grand Slam tournaments: 14 won with her older sister Venus and two in mixed doubles, both won with Maks Mirny in 1998. .

To these successes we must add another three gold medals in the Olympic Games, all achieved together with Venus, a Federation Cup and two Hopman Cups. Serena managed to earn 340 million dollars thanks to endorsement contracts. Forbes placed her last spring in 31st place in the 2022 ranking of the highest-paid athletes in the world.

Serena Williams is also in the Forbes ranking of the richest self-made women in the United States. In this case, she is ranked ninety with an estimated net worth of $260 million. The only other athlete present is Maria Sharapova, who found herself in 97th place with a fortune of forty million dollars less than her former colleague.

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