Halep'S Ex-Husband On Doping Test: &Quot;You Kill Her. Never Even Drank Unsealed Water&Quot;

«You kill her. She didn’t even drink unsealed water»

Contacted by Fanatik sources, Simona Halep’s ex-husband, Toni Iuruc, reacted shortly after learning of the anti-doping suspension. «I’m shocked, I haven’t recovered in an hour, I’m shocked and shocked again!

I can not believe that. I’ve known Simona for three years, of which at least two on the circuit, and I swear to you that this girl, my ex-wife, is obsessed with one thing: honor! You can take anything from Simona, if you took her honor, her justice, you kill her!

She is no longer human! I don’t know what happened there with that test, but it’s probably a bug. Simona would not have done such a thing even if you had cut off her hand to stop playing tennis,» said Toni Iuruc.

«Simona Halep would never cheat, her career is her shield and I know her best. You know very well I just finished the divorce, I could have said ‘No comment’. No way would I do such a thing, when I know this woman very well, when I’ve been with her for so many years.

Simona was obsessed with not making mistakes.»

Toni Iuruc: Simona would not take vitamin C without consulting a doctor

Halep’s ex-husband continued his strong stance on Simona’s correction. «I’ll tell you something for the first time: she never drank water if the bottle wasn’t sealed.

She opened it with her hand, she was always careful. I’ll tell you something else. She wouldn’t take a single vitamin C without consulting her doctor. She is fed up with justice. I can’t believe what happened, I’m not an anti-doping specialist, but I can tell you emphatically that Simona couldn’t do something like that!

He couldn’t resort to such a thing. Even though we broke up, I strongly support this: Simona has a pure soul!! I have no idea how this story came about, I am not a specialist, I cannot give verdicts myself. But I can guarantee you one thing, because I’ve been around her non-stop for the last few years, this girl couldn’t do that.

There’s a mistake somewhere… Something happened, and I don’t want to think about anything else. It doesn’t matter that we split up, the truth is one: Simona is a woman raised with morals and a duty to the truth, principles that she would never abandon, for the world.

I am now talking about the tennis player Simona Halep, about the athlete Simona Halep, for whom, I repeat, honor is above all else. I am very sorry, I am in shock, it is very difficult for me to recover and find my words.

I just want her to be strong and for the truth to come out. I simply refuse to believe that Simona would do such a thing. She earned everything she earned through hard work and sacrifice. Such a thing is not possible, it’s something that appeared on the test circuit, which I don’t understand», said Toni Iuruc exclusively for FANATIK.

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