Wimbledon Permitirá El Coaching

Wimbledon allows coaching – Canal Tennis

The third Grand Slam of the year announces that it will allow coaching on its courts, thus adding to other tournaments where it was already allowed.

Wimbledon traditions

The most traditional tournament in the tennis world is making a historic change after accepting coaching on the courts of the All England Club. The management of the tournament relaxes several traditions of the tournament in recent years. In the women’s draw, we can highlight mid-Sundays or clothes. Over time, the tournament has shed some of its lighter traditions, always in agreement with the tennis players themselves.

Wimbledon continues with changes

Coaching has become a reality in the tennis world. Tsitsipas himself commented that it has always existed, although some coaches used it more than others. Therefore, in mid-2022 it was accepted and Wimbledon, one of the most reluctant tournaments to accept it, has announced that it will allow this year. This means that the previous event will be the last event of the tennis elite in the previous model.

This decision has been made after seeing how every remaining tournament took a favorable stance in this regard. In 2017, the executive director of the tournament, Richard Lewis, had a few words for those who are already applying for a coaching license: «Philosophically, we are very much against it. We believe it is a gladiatorial sport, an individual sport; you go to the court and the whole premise of tennis is that you are alone.

Currently the address has changed and Wimbledon has adopted several changes improvements requested by tennis players and has shown itself to be more open to dialogue with the organization of other tournaments. The English tournament always retains many of its customs, but also some changes.

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