Roger Federer'S Villa On The Lake: Why There Is Controversy In Switzerland

Why is there controversy in Switzerland?

Roger Federer enjoys his life after tennis, cultivating his passions and hobbies. Meanwhile, the Swiss Maestro continues to build his villa in Kempraten near Rapperswil-Jona. However, there would be some problems.. According to the site uncle.chThe regulatory plan of the Canton of St.

Gallen provides for the passage of a public footpath along the river. The association for free access to Swiss lakes and waterways accuses the authorities of not respecting the law. He The site collected some opinions from locals about the construction of Roger Federer’s new villa.underlining how many are not in favor of non-compliance with the rules regarding rivers, lakes and waterways in Switzerland.

Roger Federer’s villa on the lake: why there is controversy in Switzerland

«The law applies to everyone, including Roger Federer. It is a massive violation of existing laws,” says Victor von Wartburg, founder of Rives Publiques, the association for free access to Swiss lakes.

Sebulba wrote: «It’s envy. It’s very simple: the Uferweg costs money and makes no money. So why spend taxes on something like that?» Martial.k said, «The planning is complete, the approval has been given. Mr. Federer has the right, like all his neighbors, to build his property by the lake..

Unfortunately, there will always be people everywhere who are jealous of everything.» Chezbobo added: «If I ever paid a lot of money for access to a lake and now a charity wanted to walk in my garden, I would resist too.

After all, there are enough accessible lakes. Anyone working the wrong way should settle down, certainly not Federer.» Sascha_zurcher also said: «Federer is right. Besides, I would never want to build a mansion on expensive land, where everyone can see.

That would be an absolute no-go for me. You can buy anything with money.» Cestlavie, in fact, says: «You can buy anything with money, and that probably goes for Federers as well.» The village shop looks towards the association’s headquarters: «Unfortunately, they won’t have right, because access to the lake is already sufficiently secured».

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