Alcaraz Disfrutar Mejor Versión

«When I can enjoy myself on the track, my best version comes out»

Carlos Alcaraz spoke to the press ahead of the start of the Mutua Madrid Open, where he arrives as the current defending champion and also the top seed in the men’s draw.

tournament draw

tournament results

good physically

«Physically I’m fine, I’m 100%. I really want to start in Madrid. At the level I have shown in Barcelona’s title win, he arrived here with a lot of confidence. We all know it’s not easy to adapt in Madrid, but we have a few days before our debut. I have a lot of desire.»

General level of Madrid

«When the best aren’t there, it’s maybe a little easier. But here all the players are very good, they have a very high level. Any player can win the championship. We don’t trust ourselves because of the big sacrifices and it’s a shame we can’t enjoy them live. I don’t feel like my favorite or anything let’s always go game by game«.

Pressure to play at home?

«I don’t take it as pressure, quite the opposite. For me, that’s motivation. It’s a pleasure to see so many people, I love playing in front of so many fans and even more so in Spain. That’s a very big motivation. Our purpose is to enjoy the track and also have fun. When I manage to enjoy myself on the track, the best version of me comes out«.

Clear goals

«When we go into every tournament we think we can win it and we’re going to try to win it. But if we don’t me, it wouldn’t be a failure. Leaving a tournament thinking I’ve failed would be more about the level I showed or the level of attitude, for me that’s the most important thing. If I’m fit upside down and playing at a good level, I wouldn’t take it as a failure.

A more mature version of his game

– My game hasn’t changed much in the last year. It has been a time of very good moments and other regular moments. I have gained experience from all those moments. The difference between Carlos last year and this year is maturity and experience«.

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