What Pictures Of Oregon!

What pictures of Oregon!

Nike Serena Williams Skylab Building are the offices inspired by the American tennis star, in one of the properties of the world headquarters of Nike in Beaverton, Oregon. It is a futuristic and eco-sustainable building, with a horizon towards the future.

After creating a large area capable of housing 2,750 employees, the Skylab studio has generated a space with characteristics inspired by Serena: movement, strength, fluidity, hardness, flexibility. What Pictures Of Oregon.webp Skylab conceives open and flexible meeting environments, with an interior design that can be adapted to the situation.

An endearing atmosphere that allows the teams of the sports retail giant to explore the possibilities of their exercise without limits. 1673247090 257 What Pictures Of Oregon.webp In general, green roofs and landscaping abound, bringing the natural environment closer to employees, who also benefit from biophilic design.

From images of stars to hanging nets with tennis balls.

Nike Serena Williams Skylab is amazing – what pictures of Oregon!

They said from Skylab: «Our goal was to bring this property and the surrounding wetlands into a harmonious balance, both visually and ecologically.»

1673247090 740 What Pictures Of Oregon.webp This Nike WHQ building houses an underground parking garage with a cargo area, a merchandising location for prototypes, an area to design multiple product categories, and a 12-story tower with various amenities. 1673247090 979 What Pictures Of Oregon.webp The campus is backed by a wetland that has led Skylab designers to work with nature and design architecture that is respectful of its context.
From citing personal anecdotes to nods to the world tournaments that got him to where he is today.

Everything about the approach is a constant reminder of the champion’s presence and talent. Without a doubt, Serena Williams has been an icon of women’s tennis throughout her splendid career, contributing to both the movement and her opponents with her enormous talent and achievements.

The American champion recently retired from the world of sports, having remade a series of records, including 23 Grand Slam titles out of a total of 73 on the WTA Tour, an absolute record in the Open Era, also including men, since The Spanish Rafael Nadal is currently stuck at 22.

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