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What is a Lucky Loser in the tennis world?

The world of tennis hides a number of terms that have a completely different meaning than it seems. This is why many people are curious to know what Lucky Loser is after Madrid. Jan Lennard Struff will go down in history as the tennis player who aroused the most interest in this word.

ATP Champions as Lucky Loser

When the tournament table is released, there are many abbreviations. The most common thing is to see a number next to certain tennis players, as this means they are the best in the tournament and how they get there based on the overall ranking. Another common one is to see a simple Q next to some, and this means that they are coming from the previous stage, so they had to play two games before the final stage of that championship. But undoubtedly the most significant and the most questionable is when two L’s appear next to one or at most two tennis players. These are the so-called Lucky loser.

Applying a literal translation into Spanish, they would be called lucky losers. Lucky Loser is the tennis player who after losing some of their matches in the previous stage, received a pass that allows him to be in the final rounds after the player abandoned his position at the final table. This usually happens due to injuries before the players debut in the first championship matches. The most prominent was Jan Lennard Struff. Mutua at Madrid Open 2023. The German player was the first Lucky Loser to reach the finals from the ATP Masters 1000 class tournament.

How are Lucky Losers selected in the tournament?

There are several scenarios that can be used to determine the player or players who can participate in LL, under the Lucky Loser nomenclature. First, it is when a player withdraws from a tournament after the previous stage ends, At that time, the best qualifying player who has lost at that stage is selected. On the other hand, if withdrawal occurs during the previous phase, then The winner will be chosen after the draw between the two highest ranked losers and so on.

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