Novak Djokovic: 'We Managed To Overcome All Those Challenges'

‘We managed to overcome all those challenges’

Novak Djokovic, after leaving Australia last season, where he failed to defend his title in Melbourne, returns this year to play regularly for the kangaroo country. The winner of twenty-one Grand Slams, before the first Major of the season in which he will try to lift the trophy for the tenth time, the 250 is played in Adelaide.

The start was forceful: the Serbian defeated Lestienne in his debut and will face Quentin Halys in the round of 16. Speaking of the Australian Open, which is due to start in a few weeks, French coach Patrick Mouratoglou spoke of the Belgrade champion’s chances of winning Melbourne. Again after two years: «It will be difficult for Novak in Australia, that’s for sure,» Mouratoglou, Serena Williams’ former coach, told journalist Arnold Montgault during an interview with Eurosport.

«He’s going to carry a lot of emotional baggage with him. He’s been through a lot emotionally. No one is immune. It’s going to be tough. I hope he doesn’t break down like he did at the 2021 US Open (close loss in the final against Medvedev on the verge of winning four Slams followed that year ed.)» The transalpine coach spoke after the official competitions: «We are in preseason and there is still no competition stress.

Then you will be emotionally rested, which is good. He won’t start directly with the Australian Open, so he will have time to get used to the environment.» Djokovic stated that he has spent a difficult few months trying to assimilate the consequences of what happened in Australia.

Mouratoglou hopes Djokovic will be respected on his return to Melbourne. «I hope the Australians give him a good reception because, in my opinion, everything that has been said about him is really undeserved.»

Novak Djokovic keeps fighting

Novak Djokovic continues to fight the good fight despite all the obstacles he has encountered along the way.

«I think there are a lot of legal challenges along the way. We managed to overcome all those challenges and we are putting together the right team of people with an advisory board, people who will help with the financing of the association, of course, people from the world of tennis who will help us. It will help establish us within the ecosystem, which I think is very important as we were not accepted or embraced by Grand Slams, ATP or WTA, so it makes things difficult for us, but this association needs to live,» he said. she said.

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