Srdjan Out, Novak Djokovic On His Father: &Quot;We Decided Together That He Wasn'T There&Quot;

«We decided together that he was not»

One of the negative quotes from Novak Djokovic’s Australian Open 2023 was what happened to Srdian Djokovic, father of the twenty-two-time Grand Slam title winner. During the matches valid for the quarterfinals of the tournament against Andrey Rublev, the father of the world number one celebrated after the game with photos and songs with the Russian fansfans who, among other things, had praised Putin and his country.

Some of them even wore T-shirts and clothing glorifying the war, a delicate situation that did not highlight Srdian in the public eye. At the conference, already in the semifinals, Nole clarified that his father is not at all in favor of the war but that it was useless and the parties involved preferred to avoid further damage.

Srdjan did not participate in the final, and Nole also spoke about this in the post-match.. Srdjan Djokovic did not attend the final and many were stunned by this decision. At the press conference, the Serbian champion clarified: «We spoke before the game.

I thought things would calm down with the media and everything else but in the end it didn’t. We both agreed that it would have been better if he wasn’t in the game.. It hurts a lot, I am aware that these are unique and special moments and it has not been easy for him..

I saw him after the game, he didn’t look very good but in the end we hugged and I saw that deep down he was sad. For him, the important thing is that I feel good and that I win, if he’s in the pits next time it will be even better.

It makes me a little sad that he didn’t see the final, but he was there for the rest of the tournament, so that’s okay. We all had happy endings.»

Nole won the Australian Open

Novak Djokovic won the 2023 Australian Open. The Serbian champion returned to the top of the World Ranking and achieved a victory that is worth a lot.

An extraordinary success in the fight against the GOAT, for the tennis player who has won the most titles but above all a significant victory after being excluded from this tournament twelve months ago, affected by events related to Covid.

A dominated tournament, without history, with Djokovic winning, destroying all his rivals, until the end, where the Serbian annihilated the Greek Tsitsipas with a clear three sets to nil. The desire for revenge was too strong and Djokovic reacted brilliantly, responding to everything and everyone.

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