'We Cannot Expect Emma Raducanu To Play Every Tournament Like...', Says Legend

‘We can’t expect Emma Raducanu to play every tournament as…’, says the legend

Emma Raducanu has responded to criticism leveled at her by her former coach Dmitry Tursunov. In October, the British media reported that Tursunov had decided to part ways with Raducanu and start working with another player, who later turned out to be Belinda Bencic.

In one of his interviews, Tursunov said he noticed «some red flags» about Raducanu and also said the 20-year-old needed to hear only «one voice.» «We did not agree on the terms [with Raducanu’s camp]and there were some red flags that you just couldn’t ignore,» Tursunov said after parting ways with Raducanu.

«I think the way I was raised, I always had a lot of people around me. And I always chose what I wanted to take with me and what I wanted to leave behind. I don’t think it was out of place.» ordinary. [Tursunov] can speak his mind,» Raducanu told the BBC, as revealed by The Telegraph.

After taking some time to consider his next move, Raducanu decided to hire Sebastian Sachs. Initially, Raducanu was on trial with Sachs. But late in the preseason, Raducanu realized that she’s happy with what Sachs brings to the table.

Now, Raducanu feels that he is establishing himself when it comes to his coaching staff and team. «I think part of it is he didn’t have that core, that little team. He didn’t have a strong structure or a team that he fully trusted.»

This year I feel like I’ve nailed it, so I probably don’t need to consult as much anymore,» Raducanu explained. After multiple trades, Raducanu would certainly love to settle with Sachs for a longer term. It remains to be seen if Sachs can help Raducanu elevate his game and do great things.

Raducanu was knocked out of the Melbourne Park Major

Seven-time Grand Slam winner Justine Henin recently commented on the departure of 2021 US Open champion Emma Raducanu. «We can’t expect Emma to play every tournament like she did when she won the US Open.

It is still in development and we are talking about the identity of its game. He has to be more structured, and for that he has to train and practice,» Henin said. «We could feel the tension in the match, but Gauff showed his experience.

Emma just didn’t have enough to get him to a final set. Gauff was more experienced and dealt with the important points better. Both are very young and have to keep improving and developing. I am sure that both of them will play many matches together,» Henin said.

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