Andrey Rublev: &Quot;War? We Can'T Turn A Blind Eye&Quot;

«War? We can’t turn a blind eye»

Andrey Rublev played an excellent tournament in Dubai. In fact, the Russian tennis player, thanks to the victory in the semifinal against a newly released Alexander Zverev with a score of 6-3, 7-6, has released the pass to the final where he had to face Daniil Medvedev in a derby. that promises to be spectacular.

Medvedev won the title, his second in a row after Rotterdam. Rublev has spoken again about the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. During the course of this year, but not only, the Moscow tennis player has sent many messages of peace, something that he reiterated even after winning the 500-meter final.

Andrey said: «You can’t ignore it, the only thing I hope is that soon there will be peace in all countries.» The tennis player then focused on the semifinal won against Alexander Zverev: «I thought there was going to be a third set.

I was mentally preparing for it, but somehow I saved a fixed point. I had a couple of match points, he played well but finally, on 9/9, I made a good comeback and I was like ‘Ok let’s try to do it’. I won a crazy rally and I was lucky.

It was a very intense tie-break.»

Rublev vs. Medvedev

The Russian then went on to talk about his friendship with Zverev: «We are very good friends, we have known each other since we were 10 or 11 years old. We have been together since we were children.»

He has always been like a big brother to me and in all the previous matches he beat me. When I got to the court, I thought I had nothing to lose. He has always beaten me, so there is no need to be compact.» The final against Medvedev will be the seventh confrontation between the two.

The former US Open slam champion has won the first four, while the last two in Cincinnati and the Finals in Turin bear Rublev’s signature. A curious aspect, but not so much if we think about the surfaces they prefer, all the games were played on concrete.

Speaking of Medvedev, the Russian tennis player has been praised by many for his great performance against Novak Djokovic which resulted in a straight set win. Medvedev will be looking for the 18th title of his career.

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