Coach Mario Tudor On Novak Djokovic: He Wants To Be Better Every Single Day

Want to be better every day

Milos Raonic’s coach Mario Tudor says Novak Djokovic’s dedication to improving is simply amazing. Djokovic, 35, has been working with coach Goran Ivanisevic since 2019. Tudor, a Croatian coach, is in contact with Ivanisevic, so he is aware of what Djokovic’s practice routine looks like.

According to Tudor, Djokovic is committed to every detail and is always fully determined to find ways to improve. Reflecting on that, coach Tudor says it’s no surprise that the 35-year-old Djokovic remains a dominant force in the game.

Tudor coach: Djokovic is always committed to getting better and better

“Goran is one of my best friends and we are in contact almost every day. As for Nole, Goran tells me that he is amazing in training. How each training session looks for something to improve on.

He is interested in every little thing and you really have to be well prepared as a coach, because Novak wants you to be complete and, above all, he wants to be better every day. He does not accept criticism as much as praise and constantly asks where are those little things to improve.

Here’s why it just keeps getting better and better. If you look at Roger, Rafael and Novak, how much they have improved and worked on their game in the last fifteen years, you quickly understand why they are so good. The hard work and the vision of how to improve their tennis makes them so exceptional and also very difficult to beat,» Tudor told Sport Klub Slovenia.

Although Djokovic is 35 years old, he is still perfectly healthy and one of the best-prepared athletes in the world of tennis. Heading into the 2023 season, Djokovic is one of the top favorites to win more Grand Slams. Djokovic will begin his 2023 season in Australia, where he hopes to win his 22nd Grand Slam title at the Australian Open. Whether Djokovic can win a record tenth Australian Open title in January remains to be seen.

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