Vukic Gana Final Busan

Vukic wins unfinished final in Busan

The Australian final in Busan went in Vukic’s favor after Purcell’s withdrawal (6-4, 1-0 re).

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korean city Busan host the finals of the tournament Challenger and he did it with a hundred percent Australian presence. Max Purcell and Aleksandar Vukic They were the protagonists in a match where attacking shots were the key words between two players who want to command the pass on the courts as quickly as they did in Busan.

Max Purcell sat out this final without dropping a set in the entire tournament. This spoke volumes for him a good moment of form in early 2023. Her good work on the hard courts has confirmed her entry into the top 100 in singles for the first time since a successful doubles career, which has not stopped her from improving her level in singles.

Aleksandar Vukic, on the other hand, reached this final by losing one set against Eubanks and leaving the sa feeling of absolute mastery with his good service and her attacking tennis that adapts so well to these fast courts. With this he has shown the reason for his good work throughout this tournament in a very positive week for him.

Vukic takes the title after Purcell retires

The final started with Vukic in good contact and took advantage of Purcell’s mistakes to open a a remarkable 4-0 lead in the first quarter. Thus, he came very close to taking the first set, although Purcell did not collapse and waited for Vukic’s errors to get back two breaks against the start of the set.

Equality prevailed in a set that was marred by the jitters of the final, although Vukic’s greater efficiency came to the fore in a very even first set. However, the match would not last long, because Purcell decided to end the second round after the first game the fruit of physical problems, and prevented us from seeing more than one slightly watered-down final in Busan.

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