Video Of Djokovic'S Team Hiding Drink Prep Ritual In Paris Stands

Video of Djokovic’s team hiding the ritual of preparing drinks in the stands of Paris

A video showing Novak Djokovic’s team hiding the ritual of preparing a drink that was later sent to Djokovic surfaced on Twitter. Reactions were mixed, but most fans are wondering why the team has anything to hide from the cameras.

«Can someone who knows tennis explain what’s going on here and why it’s being done this way? It looks incredibly dubious,» journalist Damian Reilly captioned the video of Nole’s team’s peculiar behavior.

Djokovic revealed what he inhales from «magic» bottles

After tennis fans were left confused over the contents of a white bottle Novak Djokovic inhaled at Wimbledon, the Serbian champion opened up but didn’t reveal too much.

“Magic potion, that’s all I can say. They will find out all about it soon, but I can’t talk about it right now,» Novak Djokovic said of the contents of the mysterious white bottle, according to a tweet from BBC correspondent Laura Scott.

Fans became interested in the white bottle after seeing Novak Djokovic not drink but inhale from the controversial bottle. “I would very much like to know what was in this bottle. It certainly wasn’t liquid, and he gestured to the trainer at him before inhaling it.

Very strange,” Twitter user and journalist Damian Reilly wrote.

According to The Telegraph, Novak Djokovic could be taking isotonic powder.

“You wouldn’t really get any benefit from doing it mid-match, but I’m sure this is isotonic. Many players have started eating powder, even isotonic powder before training. They have started eating it without water.

It’s mostly pre-workout stuff because it gives them a buzz. I imagine it’s gross on the throat. It’s weird, but it’s what they’re doing,» said one of The Telegraph’s sources.

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