Victoria Azarenka Reveals Reason For Storming Off Court, Qutting Mid-Match In Miami

Victoria Azarenka reveals the reason she walked off the court and left midway through the match in Miami

Victoria Azarenka said she never felt more alone on the court than when she walked off the court during her second-round match in Miami against Linda Fruhvirtova. Before Miami, Azarenka didn’t really feel like playing tennis, but she still decided to give it a try since it was a WTA 1000 tournament.

After beating Ekaterina Alexandrova in a tight first-round match, Azarenka trailed 6-2, 3-0 to Fruhvirtova in the second round. Bad for Fruhvirtova, Azarenka walked off the court and retired for no clear reason. «Before Miami I started to feel like I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to play.

I felt that I had to do it, I had to go through this pain because there are important tournaments. I thought it was strong enough, but it wasn’t. I kept telling everyone I don’t want to play and I was hoping someone would stop me and no one did.

It was the loneliest thing I felt on the court. Now it’s a viral clip because I walked off the court,» Azarenka said on his podcast.

Azarenka: I didn’t want to risk having a panic attack

Azarenka was not feeling well on the court and was afraid of having a panic attack in the middle of the match.

«All I could think about was I want to go, but I can’t. I’m looking at everyone ‘please get me out of here.’ panic attack or I don’t know what’s going to happen to me.

I left. I was driving my car and I thought I had to be safe enough not to get hurt. I lost that feeling of being happy on the pitch,» Azarenka added.

Azarenka was criticized for her behavior on court as former WTA stars Justine Henin and Daniela Hantuchova described her actions in Miami as «unacceptable» and «disrespectful».

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