Vekic Carlé United Cup

Vekic will not give Carlé a truce in the United Cup

Croatia get their first win on their United Cup debut. Vekic manages to maintain his weight in the rankings after the start by comfortably winning his match against María Lourdes Carlé in two sets (6-0,6-4) after 1h10min of fast play. tennis. Croatia starts strong.

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Croatia started their United Cup debut against Argentina after the South Americans’ crushing defeat against France. Now it was closed Donna Vekic and Maria Lourdes Carle. Croatia had played their last match in Guadalajara in October, while the Argentine had already made his debut in this tournament, losing to Alizé Cornet. It was the first clash between both WTA rackets. Vekic would look to add a win to his record to give Croatia their first win. For his part, Carle he wanted to forget his team’s heavy 5-0 loss against France his debut in this series of matches.

Start for Croatia

The match started strongly for Donna Vekic. Croatia got two consecutive points with service breaks and two goalless games in each. Her weight in the WTA rankings was becoming considerable. Another point for the European would make it a momentary 3-0 for the bright Australian. At the second service break, Vekic continued to add points with his locker not seeing his opponent. A strong 4-0 made it clear that Carlé had no chance to add anything to the game. Two more points in a row, including a break, would give Donna Venkic the win in this first round.

More parity in the second set

In the second set, Donna Vekic’s dominance would continue. At number 67 in the women’s world ranking, one would support an important game in white going on to add seven straight games. The European series ended when Carlé managed to add his first point in the match with a surprising goalless game. Argentina was able to hold a mini-joy almost 30 minutes later start a duel between both players. Quickly Vekic allows no more fears and would take the lead again. Carlé seemed to start to wake up as he managed to level the match at 2-2 and 40-15 in his favor.

Another break for Carlé allowed him to go to the bench with a small 3-2 advantage. After you have had the opportunity to certify an empty game, Vekic was able to convert the goal to resolve the situation. Now the Croatian broke his rival’s serve and returned to a 3-3 draw. Both clubs share the next two pointsSo nothing has been decided yet. 5-4 was awarded to the Croatian side, so now Vekic was left to decide the game in his own favor. In the end, Croatia’s bat would not resist adding another break and could add Croatia’s first point.

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