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Uruguay will take the never-ending series against Zimbabwe

Uruguay was able to win the Davis Cup series against Zimbabwe after a very eventful weekend.

tournament results

Led by a team Enrique Perez Cassarino finally managed to raise the profit in African countries. The draw started on Friday and was settled on Monday morning. During the first day, they were tied Martin Cuevas and Benjamin Lock, the number one of each team that manages to win their match. Saturday morning, Martin Caves and Ariel Behar They made it 2-1 to the Uruguayans thanks to a point in the double. However, a minute later, Martin Cuevas lost his match against Benjamin Lock.

With which they got to the last point, when the turn was 2-2 Ignacio Carou and Courtney John Lock. They started the meet, but rain had to interrupt the meet while they were in the second set. On Sunday, it continued, but barely had time to define the second set, which was for the Zimbabwean tennis player, as the rains returned and they had to cause the suspension again.

Carou manages to win

It was a little short of a set to be played and finally on Monday morning the weather allowed this match to be played in Harare and the Uruguayans Ignacio Carou won with the final results 6-3, 3-6, 6-4 on a busy weekend. Uruguay managed to beat Zimbabwe away from home in the Davis Cup after playing on a hard field outside. In September they should be in a new engagement, but within it World block II. Over the next few days, they will know who the nation is that they will have to face. They are also aware of whether they will do it in Uruguay as locals or if they will have to go again to another country.

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