Tsitsipas Dimitrov United Cup

Tsitsipas fights to beat Dimitrov

Stefanos Tsitsipas won 2-0 in the series between Greece and Bulgaria by defeating Grigor Dimitrov in the United Cup 4-6, 6-2, 7-6(4) in just over two hours.

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The competition returned after the pre-season and two aesthetic tennis players had a place in the city of Perth for the second match of the series between Greece and Bulgaria. The Hellenes were the first to get a point thanks to a comeback Despina Papamichail on Isabella Shinikova. Therefore, Dimitrov expressed additional pressure, because otherwise the situation became complicated. However, in front of him was Stefanos Tsitsipas, a tennis player who had beaten him in five of his six meetings.

Dimitrov takes advantage

Both considered this important early in the game. Very correct and excellent on the concentration side, they didn’t let their serve turns be problematic, removing the break point that the Bulgarian had to pick up. It was 30-40 at the beginning of the partial. Yet when the moments of greatest impact come, the arm shrinks and something similar can happen to Stefanos. Serving at 4-5 and looking to continue the set, he ran into a 0-40 face. He was able to lift all three balls, but when he reached the second one, another break point appeared for Grigori, which he did not reject.

The return of the battle

The situation changed in the second round. Dimitrov was not as comfortable with his serve and made more errors in his aggressive tennis. What Tsitsipas smelled when it was time to step forward and that the opponent added a lot of doubt. He managed to add two consecutive breaks so that in the 4-1 situation he managed to lift two balls so that Grigor reduced the gap. It was for transit the Greek who had the series in power.

The rise of Bulgaria’s level led to the arrival of equality. It was his Dimitrov who ran with options both at the beginning of the partial and in one of the key games already quite far into the partial. For his part, Stefanos had a little pressure to go behind, because the opponent started a passing round. In that tiebreak, Grigori’s error with a shot that got loose while trying to be aggressive caused a mini-break that was vital. After serving his first match point, Tsitsipas managed to seal it with an ace against Dimitrov in this United Cup. Greece now need one win to qualify for the series.

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