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Tsitsipas: «Alcaraz is so talented that he can get as many shots as he wants»

The Greek tennis player was content with his time at the Barcelona 2023 ATP, despite losing for the third time in a major final, this time to Spain’s Carlos Alcaraz, whose brilliant drop shot handling stood out.

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For the third time in his career Stefanos Tsitsipas he remained one step away from the title Barcelona ATP, class tournament 500 and it is disputed like every year on clay. The Greek tennis player, currently ranked third in the world, couldn’t do anything before the stratospheric level that Spain’s Carlos Alcaraz defeated him 6-3 years 6-4 in the match for the championship.

In a later appearance in front of the media after the loss Athens he delved into several key aspects of the final, such as the damage Alcarazi inflicted on him on the side of the backhand in the second hand and the drop shot, a shot that Tsitsipas says the Murcian can make as many winning shots as you want. Despite the bitter result of his last game in Barcelona, ​​the Greek goes into the game satisfied Barcelonastated that this is always one of the most special events of the season for him.

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«Barcelona is great. I love playing here. It’s one of those tournaments where I have a real feel for playing. I like to come every year. It’s been great to be here for almost ten days. I have found my best tennis after the last difficult months. Returning to another final is something that is not given in advance«.

His setback, his weak point against the competition

«I’m not surprised that Alcaraz said he will attack more there. All my other competitors usually try. I’ve worked hard to turn that around and turn my backhand into my best weapon every time I hit the court. I love my arm, but it’s making adjustments to that stroke to make it more effective. Federer always had problems with his backhand every time he faced Nadal, but found a way to counter it. I have to keep working on it and get the winning shots that other opponents get with two hands.«.

Drop of Alcaraz

«You always expect a big right hand from him because he is so powerful. That’s why you stay back and try to defend yourself. I need my strokes deeper. He has so much talent and such an arm that he is able to get the winners he wants with this strike«.

Slice, an alternative to a one-handed backhand

«I’ve improved a bit in recent years, now it’s a better shot than for example in 2018, but I consider myself a corpulence player who can cover the court well. I have to be smart about using that punch«.

Play against Alcaraz

«It’s really hard to play against him, very hard. He can hit very hard from the baseline, but you also have to deal with his drop shots. You have to play deep and be very precise.something that is not easy«.

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