Novak Djokovic: &Quot;Today Freedom Of Speech Is Just An Illusion&Quot;

«Today freedom of expression is just an illusion»

While he enjoyed a virtually flawless run at the Nitto ATP Finals, where he qualified for the semi-finals thanks to a win against Rublev, Novak Djokovic He also took the opportunity to talk about non-tennis issues. He did it recently in an interview in which the Serbian champion defends himself against those who accuse him of being a false person, believing that today what is politically correct has become a gag in the mouth of those who want to freely express his thoughts.

Djokovic explained: «I know sometimes people think I’m fake, that I do certain things because I want to be loved. That’s not the case, I just try to be genuine. It’s something we’re losing. It’s not possible to please everyone, but Now what is politically correct forces us to give up expressing our ideas with respect, without hatred, but with freedom.

Freedom of expression for me today is just an illusion.»

Djokovic clarifies: «I’m not a no-vax»

During the interview, Novak Djokovic responded, among other things, on the subject of vaccinations. The former number 1 in the world has thus returned to the events of the beginning of the year, when he was expelled from Australia due to his vaccination situation.

He was denied access to the country because, according to the competent authorities, his entry could have caused a rise in anti-vaccine sentiments. Accusations directed again and again at Djokovic, who for his part appeals rather to the freedom to dispose of his own body, which, according to him, has nothing to do with being non-vax: «I had an extraordinary example of this this year , with what happened to me around the issue of vaccines.

I spoke out for the freedom to have access to my own body and was immediately accused of not getting vaccinated, which is not true. Am. If you don’t belong to a certain way of thinking, you quickly become the bad guy.»

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