Andrey Rublev: &Quot;This Year I Don'T Want To Have More Ups And Downs&Quot;

«This year I don’t want to have more ups and downs»

Andrey Rublev has a precise target for 2023, and he openly declared it to the media in Doha, where he will begin his career in the Dubai Tennis Championships to try to repeat the success of last year. The victory sealed in 2022, however, does not represent a reason to rest on his laurels for the Russian, which he thinks at the present.

Rublev customs: «I feel like I have great memories here., to win the title one year and also another in doubles, but those great moments are over. I feel like it’s a new tournament, it’s something that happens to me every week, sometimes in a place where I won last year I end up losing in the first round.

Then you can win another tournament that you’ve never been to before, so you’ll never know. Maybe here I lose in the first round and then win the next tournament, or vice versa. You can’t control these things.»

Rublev wants to progress in the mental aspect

The main intention, for Andrey Rublev, is to face his tennis season with a different mental focus.

An aspect, psychological, in which the number 5 in the world really wants to progress, with the aim of learning to control his emotions and not fall at their mercy. He explained: «In my case it’s not about tennis, it’s probably more about an emotional part and the things I look for off the court..

Because last year there were a lot of things that I did very well off the pitch, things that helped me a lot, but I also did a lot of negative things that depressed me. Last season I had a lot of ups and downs, so the goal this season is not to have as many ups and downs.

And if I have them, at least have less.» Rublev, in Doha, will find himself in very different conditions than in the past: «Here the conditions are good, I remember when we played here in the first week of the year.where there was almost no wind and the weather was perfect.

Now it is different, there is more wind, then it is more difficult to play and the level has been balanced, because you cannot hit in the same way. With these conditions you cannot play as in normal conditionsyou have to let the ball in, everything becomes more difficult.

Especially for the players who are normally stronger, so we’ll see, I hope I can show a great level.»

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