Lydia Ko Won In Korea: &Quot;This Is Probably The Best I'Ve Played&Quot;

«This is probably the best I’ve ever played»

At the BMW Ladies Championship on Sunday, lydia ko she won her 18th career title in her home country after shooting a 7-under 65. She is pleased with her performance and what she showed. Ko did not give up at any time, she was focused throughout the tournament and in the end, she deservedly achieved her goal.

This will only be additional motivation for her to continue the season, and it is clear that many more trophies await her. Ko s fans were also delighted with what was shown and this will be the first step towards many successes.

«This is probably the best I’ve ever played, the most consistent I’ve ever played,» Ko said, quoted by She also revealed what was the key to her victory. However, there are many key factors that made it such a huge success.

Mainly, your effort and work were something that are the key factors for your success. «I played the last nine holes very well in my four rounds, and I think that was the big key for me.»

Lydia Ko: A lot of people support me in Korea

Koreans are proud of Ko even though he plays under a different flag.

Lydia had a lot of support, everyone was with her and that audience was an additional reason for her great success. «Every time I go back to Korea, even though I play under the New Zealand flag, a lot of people support me…

I think it’s a big boost», said Ko. New challenges await her soon and the focus will be on the next tournaments. Who is optimistic and believes in herself. She is aware that this is a good introduction to what awaits her.

Ko achieved his main goal, which is to win the trophy. And she wants the same thing in the sequel. Ko is a great golfer who looks forward to many more successes.

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