Rickie Fowler: “This Isn’t Life Out Here, This Is..&Quot;

«This is not life here, this is…»

Rickie Fowler he is extremely motivated after a great performance in Japan (ZOZO Championship) where he finished second. He wants to keep up the same pace in the CJ Cup “It’s good to see some things going in the right direction, to start building momentum and confidence.”, he told pgatour.com. “That’s definitely something we struggled with in recent years.

Might have a good week here or there, but never anything back-to-back, or able to build on a good week, none of that. It was definitely (the ending in ZOZO) good to watch.” John Tillery He is no longer his coach, but Fowler has words of praise for him, though he wouldn’t be the same golfer if it weren’t for Tillery.

«I can’t say enough good things about him (Tillery),Fowler said. “We lived and died with it together, and I really wouldn’t be in this position that I’m in now, playing and being able to do things with Butch, without learning everything that I did with Tillery.

It’s a bummer that we didn’t have the success we wanted, but it also laid the groundwork for this moment.»

Rickie Fowler and his career

Fowler had many difficult moments in his career. Not everything went well, but he never lost his optimism and faith in himself.

With such a mindset, your time must come. “This is not life here. This is part of life; is what we got ador,” Fowler said. “It’s fun, although not all the time. Looking back, it wasn’t a pretty moment, but it’s a part of it and ultimately it’s how you get out of the back end and how you get through it. … If handled and done the right way, it will only make you feel better.”

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