Paire Thiem Challenger Burdeos

Thiem upped the ante Paire in Bordeaux

The Austrian continues to recover his level. Dominic Thiem wins to come back from Paire to reach the second round of the tournament in France.

tournament draw

tournament results

First round Bordeaux Challenger He faced two experienced players going through bad times. Dominic Thiem He continues to fight to get back to his best and reached the tournament after losing in the semifinals of the Mauthausen tournament. Benoit pair He arrived after falling in the finals of the Francavilla Challenger and was also trying to find a level that would propel him high up the rankings. A head-to-head between the two favors Thiem, who has won the previous two games and was once again the favorite.

A couple of steps forward

The match started with both winning their serve and showing their great experience with their rackets. In the third game of the match, the Austrian used one of his two break chances to start with the win. However, in the sixth game there was an exchange of breaks, leaving the result four. With swords held high, the Frenchman delivered the final blow with a break in the tenth game that gave him a partial victory in the clash.

Thiem begins his comeback

In the second set, Thiem returned to his best level, who gradually raised his level of play in the set. In the fifth game, Dominic broke his rival’s serve, who responded with the same coin, making it 3-3 in the light. Thiem started to make solidity his best weapon to win the game and the Frenchman started to get desperate. Finally, in the ninth game, Thiem got the last break to give him the final 6-4 to start his comeback.

Dominic ends the match

The Frenchman ended up getting frustrated in the second set and hit the ground with his racket, which the Austrian player took advantage of. Thiem’s ​​mentality and seriousness of play was the key to turning the game around, which he began to do with a break in the third game. The rest of the set was quite calm as Thiem gathered his advantage and gave his opponent no options.. In the end, another break in the ninth game gave the favorite the victory.

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