Thiem Rompe Representación Kosmos

Thiem ends his representation relationship with Kosmos

Dominic Thiem is making an important change in his career, and this means that since the beginning of the season he has stopped representing the Kosmos Group. The Austrian, who has been working at the company since the beginning of 2021, will have his brother Moritz take on this role.

Looking to restart his career in terms of tennis, and after two very difficult seasons Dominic Thiem permanently severed his relationship with Kosmos, whose agency had been managing his career since mid-2021. The Grand Slam title winner began his year with an early exit at the Australian Open and failed to get his Austria to reach the Davis Cup final.

Unsatisfactory bond

Thiem himself plays down the external management of his career in terms of what it could do on the court. In addition, it should be emphasized that the connection with Kosmos was not good for either party. «My leadership doesn’t make me a better player and it doesn’t light a fire in me. It doesn’t matter who drives me. I signed and broke my wrist five days later. It didn’t go well, neither for me nor for them.. What comes from the outside is not important at this point. It’s important to me that it lights the fire completely. Kosmos told me that my situation will not change. I think these are two completely different business areas«.

Moritz Thiem, fully responsible for decisions

When Kosmos isn’t in the middle, Dominic’s little brother calls the shots, Moritz Thiem, who was seemingly left out of his budding tennis career, now plays an important role in the former world No. 3’s career. In any case, Moritz himself commented that he had been partially doing this task for a few years already. «This is not new to me and I have been organizing and making decisions in the background for three years.. I want to keep everything completely stress free and on the shortest route where only Dominic and I invite.«.

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