&Quot;They Have Succumbed To Money And Power&Quot; New Davis Cup Under Attack!

«They have succumbed to money and power» New Davis Cup under attack!

A few days ago the ATP season ended with the ATP Finals where the Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic triumphed for the sixth time in his career. These days the Final Four of the Davis Cup is taking place, an event that is held in Malaga and that also has Filippo Volandri’s Italy as its protagonist.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this competition because of the new format and the fact that there are only two Top Ten players in the Finals. With the arrival of Kosmos, the new Davis Cup has changed several things and many have criticized the format.

The president of the French federation. gilles moreton He has made interesting statements to the Equipe microphones and has harshly attacked the world of tennis.

Gilles Moretton and the words about the new Davis Cup

The French coach made the following statements: «The competition is now defined and given how the ITF has organized everything for us, it is impossible to grow and advance in the world of tennis.

There is no transparency in the ITF, we hardly know the details by which Kosmos has acquired the management of the tournament and we have no idea how we can get out of this deal. There is a risk that even though world tennis may not catch any development, we are forced to remain tied to everything.»

Moretton went on to explain that at the moment no one accepts the promotion initiatives of the federation, not even the proposal to integrate paddle tennis into tennis has been accepted. Moretton continued: «The ITF should focus on promoting tennis, I think the previous Davis Cup had the tools to promote our sport, much more than this Davis.

The reality is that the world of tennis has surrendered to the seductive power of money. Another hard attack for a format that still does not like everyone. Piqué is also at the center of the controversy, in a very difficult year for him. both from a sporting and personal point of view. In fact, let’s remember that the Spanish soccer player has also ended his relationship with the Colombian pop star Shakira.

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