'There Is No Indignity In Serena Williams Losing As...', Says Expert

‘There is NO indignity in Serena Williams losing like…’, expert says

The announcement of the imminent retirement of Serena Williams left everyone speechless. Although it was not a ray from nowhere, the farewell of one of the greatest athletes of all time cannot leave you indifferent. The American legend, who has played very little in the past two seasons, will greet the tennis world in New York.

The US Open will be his last tournament as a professional, as well as marking the end of an era. The former WTA No. 1 has expressed her desire to spend more time with her family and pursue other projects. Barring a sensational backlash in Flushing Meadows, Serena won’t be able to match Margaret Court’s main record.

After losing to Belinda Bencic in Toronto, the 23-time Grand Slam champion racked up just four games against Emma Raducanu in Cincinnati. The winner of the US Open 2021 prevailed in just over an hour and will face Victoria Azarenka in the second round.

Through his Twitter profile, Brett Haber defended Williams’ decision to return to the game at almost 41 years old.

Haber opens up about Serena

«There is NO indignity in Serena Williams losing as she approaches the finish line.

On the contrary, I find some courage in his willingness to confront his imperfection, as it gives fans one last chance to witness his legend firsthand,» Haber wrote. During the post-match press conference after his first-round win over Serena Williams, Raducanu was asked who she wanted to play and who she didn’t get a chance to play.

Responding to this question, Raducanu said: “I would say one person. I would love to play Simona, just because I think she is, for me, the most complete player.» Furthermore, she added: “She moves extremely well.

She is aggressive. She can defend. She makes you work very hard for every point. She could be like a slow, painful, you know, like she caught you (smiling). But I think just being able to feel that would be great.” Raducanu will face former World No.1 Victoria Azarenka in the second round of the tournament.

It will be their inaugural meeting on the WTA Tour. Her match will take place later today. Williams was sidelined for a year with a torn hamstring she sustained last year at Wimbledon, and her injuries late in her career have contributed to the inconsistency on the court. She started the 2022 season at Wimbledon and this was only her fourth match of the season.

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