Shane Lowry: There Are Certain Liv Golfers I Just Can'T Stand Them Being In Wentworth

There are certain LIV golfers who just can’t stand them being at Wentworth

LIV Golfers will be part of the BMW PGA Championship. The majority is against such a decision. Shane Lowry he is one of those who cannot stand his arrival, although there are also LIV golfers whom he respects.
“There are some of the guys that I don’t mind being here given what they’ve done for the Tour over the years,Lowry told «There are certain guys I just can’t stand to be here to be honest..

I don’t like them being here. I think, to be honest, the only thing that has really bothered me in the last couple of months is how disruptive everyone is trying to be. Obviously they’re here for world ranking points, but they’re here to be disruptive and I don’t like it.»

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Most LIV golfers are aware that they are not welcome there, but their ambitions remain the same. «To be honest, if I put myself in those guys’ shoes, would I be here this week? No, it’s too awkward for me.

It is what it is. Like I said, it’s the BMW PGA Championship, the biggest event in Europe and we would be talking about it and we’re not. It’s disappointing.” Lowry is a man with a special character. There are LIV golfers he would talk to, but he can’t seem to stand most of them.

“Anyone who knows me, I don’t like confrontation or anything like that. I’ll greet you and do my thing. So I will be. Obviously the guys, I’ve known them for years and some of them have become really good friends over the years.

But obviously I haven’t seen them in a long time, don’t go out with them anymore. She probably won’t go out to dinner because we haven’t seen each other. But yeah, there are certain guys I shake hands with and certain hands I don’t.»

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