Jannik Sinner And Carlos Alcaraz'S Rivalry Will Explode In 2023

The rivalry of Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz will explode in 2023


Will jannik sinner Y Carlos AlcarazWill the rivalry between the two young tennis players break out in 2023, after the clashes between the two young tennis players in 2022? Between London, Umag, New York, one of the biggest rivalries of this season is taking place, precisely that of the Spanish and the Italian.

The two have been pointed out since the first days of the year as the two faces of the Next Gen, the two candidates to assume the legacy of those who preceded them. Becoming Grand Slam champions, becoming world number one is the fate that unites them and their rivalry: the Spaniard, unlike Sinner, has achieved both goals.

However, the Italian struggled with a physical condition that did not help him at all. A rivalry that, at least for this year, has been seen three times, with three epic games. It all started in the round of 16 at Wimbledon.

A match that Sinner dominates from the first exchanges, reaching match points in the third set tiebreak. Canceled the first, Alcaraz takes affection and cancels a second, taking the third set. In the fourth, however, the Italian number one returns to his levels and, although he still has match points cancelled, he wins his first challenge of 2022.

The level of the tournament goes down, going to an ATP 250, but the round goes up: Sinner and Alcaraz, a few weeks after the Wimbledon clash, challenge each other for the Umago trophy. Different plot, same ending: again a victory for Sinner, but this time it’s his turn to return.

In fact, he loses the first set in the tiebreak and wins it back in the other two, giving the Spaniard a 6-1 double. To close this rivalry, which will probably write the future of tennis but which is already inflaming the present, there is the challenge in the quarterfinals of the US Open.

An epic match, in terms of intensity and level of tennis displayed, that perhaps more than any other symbolizes their struggle (and perhaps even the two different seasons). In New York, however, Alcaraz takes his revenge: in the fourth set, Sinner still has match points, which would send him to the semifinal of a Grand Slam for the first time.

This time, however, the class of 2003 learns from their mistakes: they annul match point and take the break, taking the match to a fifth set. Also in this last set, with both tired from the effort of the previous exchanges, they surrender to the rival: Alcaraz loses his serve and immediately after Sinner follows him.

However, only the Italian gives up and still misses his turn to serve. The match goes to the Spanish talent, which does not have enough this time: first Grand Slam title and top of the ranking.


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