&Quot;Djokovic And Nadal'S Records Will Be Surpassed&Quot; The Prophecy Of A Top Insider

«The records of Djokovic and Nadal will be surpassed» the prophecy of a top insider

During his podcast titled Analysis of Monday’s game, Television analyst Gill Gross answered questions from some fans. One in particular caught his attention and it is this: «Will anyone ever be able to beat the records of Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic?» The question referred specifically to Djokovic’s historical records as the tennis player with the most weeks in the world (378) and to Nadal for remaining in the Top 10, which will end in 912 weeks on March 13, after the conclusion of the Indian Wells Masters. since he will not be able to defend the points from last season after withdrawing from the tournament due to injury.

The expert’s response surprised everyone.:»Can I say both, guys? I absolutely disagree that the record is never broken.unless something changes in the game to make these logs more indestructible than they were before.»

Gross’ surprising response

Then he delved into the matter, arguing his answer: «If you want to tell me: oh, nobody’s going to break those records, I’ll listen to you, that’s finebut apart from the fact that the sport is literally changing and making it harder to break records, i have news for you.

Everyone breaks, all records break, athletes play longer. It is an absolute change. LeBron James just passed Kareem Abdul Jabbar in points, Alex Ovechkin just passed Wayne Gretzky in goals (NHL). None of these records were meant to be broken when Kareem did, when Wayne The Great One.

Everyone thought they would never break, but they did.» Finally, the Tennis analyst also wanted to venture a date on which the records of the two phenomena could be matched and surpassed: «Guys, we have to wake up.. The situation is improving.

The records of Nadal and Djokovic. No doubt. This is the new way of doing sports, this is the new era and it will continue in this direction. So both records will be broken, that’s my opinion. 50 years, I give it 50 years, no more.»

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