Pro Golfer Realized His Dream And Talked To Tiger Woods: &Quot;I Asked Him How..&Quot;

The professional golfer fulfilled his dream and spoke with Tiger Woods: «I asked him how…»

adrian meronka great Polish golfer, he had his idol from a very young age, which is tiger forest. He couldn’t believe it when he found himself at the same tournament as Woods, and at one point Adrian even asked for a photo with him.

The next day, Meronk spent a practice round together with Woods! «That was probably one of my childhood dreams, so I got a lot of messages from home and that was very exciting for me.» Meronk told CNN’s Jasmine Sanders.

“I picked his brain a bit. He was very nice to me, quite talkative as well, so I was quite surprised by him.” Meronk revealed the details of the conversation. “I started with some advice about the course, some lines and things like that.

Some tips on how to deal with the putt when it is very windy. Then he was telling me about his first Open at St. Andrews, because he asked if that was my first Open.. I asked him how he was feeling, how he was in health and things like that, casual things.

It was very open.» Woods is an idol for many, not only for the Pole! «Probably for most of the guys here he was the idol and he still is to be honest,» he said. “With what he has achieved, I would say that he is the greatest in our sport, for sure.”

world tour dp

The fact that he is the first Pole to win on the DP World Tour is a great thing. “Being able to win on the DP World Tour was always a goal of mine, always a dream,” said Meronk. “To be able to do it in Ireland, at the Irish Open, at such a historic event, was a great feeling for me..

I had a great season this year, I came really close a couple of times, so it was a huge relief for me too that I finally got it.”

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