Aliassime Laver Cup 2023

The nickname was first confirmed for the 2023 Laver Cup

The Canadian will be in Vancouver 2023. Aliassime will repeat in the Laver Cup and will do it in front of his home crowd in Canada to try to defend the title he won in 2022 at the O2 in London.

The results of the 2022 tournament

The Cup making It has been one of those tournaments that has fallen out of favor in the sports world. This race is bumpy Europe only The rest of the world although currently it is controversial only within the men’s calendar. Until 2022, Europe had plenty of awards, which they had won in all versions, four out of four. 2022 was a special edition and Federer surprised the entire sports world a few weeks before the tournament by announcing that he would retire from Laver, a competition he had planned.

The famous «Big 4» gathered again for a spectator’s dream tournament with the retirement of one of the greatest athletes in history. Federer played doubles with Nadal and both fell, but then they left a historic photo with tears in their eyes, showing the friendship that had spawned a sporting rivalry. The rest of the world made a surprise and was able to win the championship, surprising Europe. One of the architects of this victory was Aliassime, who won a memorable victory against Djokovic

Repeat en la Laver Cup again

As confirmed by the tournament itself, Aliassime is the first player to qualify for the 2023 championship in Vancouver. Auger is playing in his home country, which makes his presence more special. Aliassime explained how important this tournament was as he continued his winning streak on indoor courts and managed to win three consecutive trophies (Florence, Antwerp and Basel).

«I really want to participate in the Laver Cup again, we had a great time in London last year. We were able to win in London, but it wasn’t easy. It is very important to have the support of the public and I hope that fans will flock to witness the Laver Cup first hand.. Vancouver is a beautiful city, it’s a very special experience for me. The Laver Cup was a real confidence booster. I felt really good about my game at the time, and then I had a whole series of indoor tournaments in similar conditions where I felt like I could win a lot of matches.«.

McEnroe satisfied with Laver Cup

«The Laver Cup is one of the best things to happen to tennis in the last 20 years.. It has had a huge impact on this sport and has been a great success. We have great players in the world, starting with Felix, who helped us win in London. He had a great season last year and continued his winning streak after the Laver Cup. It’s great to have you back«.

Respectable Borg against Team World

«I have been fortunate to have so many exceptional champions play for Team Europe over the years. We have a lot of work to do this year, since then John and his team are in good spirits after their win in London and have home advantagebut we will do everything to win the Laver Cup again«.

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