Alexander Zverev: Investigation Found Nothing Because There Was Nothing To Be Found

The investigation found nothing because there was nothing to find.

Alexander Zverev says that some came early to the conclusion that he was the bad guy and added the ATP’s investigation into the domestic violence allegations against him «didn’t find anything because there was nothing to find.» After Zverev’s ex-girlfriend Sharypova accused the German of domestic violence, the ATP opened an investigation in October 2021.

This week. announced the ATP «there was insufficient evidence to substantiate the published allegations of abuse» and also said Zverev «would not face any disciplinary action.» «I know from Twitter. Someone from ATP called me, but only after it was already published.

It is very easy to blame someone. I won two lawsuits, now the ATP investigation. Some people called me an enemy even before there was an investigation. The investigation was left without results because there is nothing, because nothing happened.

I can’t do more than I’ve done. I’m glad that I can finally put this problem behind me and do what I love to do, which is play tennis,» Zverev said, as revealed by Jannik Schneider.

Zverev finally at peace

«A major independent investigation into Alexander Zverev has found insufficient evidence to substantiate the published allegations of abuse.

As a result, the ATP will not take any disciplinary action,» the ATP statement read. Since Day 1, Zverev has been claiming his innocence. After the ATP announced the launch of an investigation into domestic violence allegations against Zverev, The German tennis star said he was happy with the process.

15 months later, Zverev was the winner. Meanwhile, Zverev is set to represent Germany this weekend. In Trier, Germany faces Switzerland in the Davis Cup qualifiers. The winner of the tie will advance to the Davis Cup Finals and German captain Michael Kohlmann hopes Zverev will deliver.

«I hope he will be the leader of the team and play a very important role for us,» Kohlmann said of Zverev.

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