Mid-Match Shower Incident Gets American Player Eliminated: “First Time This Happens”

The incident of the shower in the middle of the match eliminates the American player: «it is the first time that it happens»

Nicolás Moreno De Alborán, American tennis player, lost his match against Argentine Federico Delbonis in the ATP Challenger tournament that took place in Seville (Spain) for an incredible reason. After winning the second set (7-5, 6-7), De Alborán made the costly decision to wash off the clay in the shower.

De Alborán’s coach explained the incident. «Between the second and third sets, Nico went to the bathroom. Since he had fallen several times, his entire lower body was covered in clay. Instead of just drying himself with a towel, he got into the shower, grabbed the shower head and let the water run to remove the clay.

At that moment, the referee inspected the locker room after Delbonis told him that Nicolás was taking a shower. The reality is that he wasn’t taking a shower in the true sense of the word, he was just cleaning himself in the shower stall.

He’s totally innocent, but this is what happened. It’s the first time something like this has happened to me as a coach and it’s a shame because it was a great game, especially at the end”, Javier Martí, De Alborán’s coach, told puntodebreak.com.

The Nishikori Shower Incident at the Rio Games

Conchita Martinez spoke about Kei Nishikori’s strange 12-minute bathroom break between the end of the second set and the start of the third in the bronze medal play-off against Rafael Nadal at the Rio 2016 Games.

«It’s unbelievable that Nishikori came so late, they allowed him to take a shower,» Conchita Martinez tweeted about the incident. Speaking about the incident, Nadal mentioned: «The ATP Tour is run better than the ITF Tour.

This is not the time to talk about that, but when you come back from 2-5 down with a double break, win the set and your opponent stays in the bathroom for 12 minutes, it stands to reason that you don’t agree with that. At the Rio Open they didn’t allow me to change my pants.»

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