Atp Ceo: &Quot;Federer, Djokovic And Nadal'S Farewell Will Not Destroy Tennis&Quot;

«The farewell of Federer, Djokovic and Nadal will not destroy tennis»

Andrea Gaudenzi, CEO of ATP, reiterated the need to make significant improvements to a model that has often ended up penalizing the protagonists of the ATP Tour. The number 1 of the Association of Professional Tennis Players has decided to bet on one of the best companies dedicated to the streaming distribution of movies, television series and entertainment content through the Internet.

It’s about NETFLIX, which this year has followed week after week the most important tournaments of the ATP Tour to offer viewers a more detailed panorama of everything that happens on and off the playing fields. «For tennis we are in the middle of a turning point.

Because the time has come to make its popularity profitable: it is unthinkable that the fourth sport in the world by number of fans has a 1.3% share of television rights. As some great sports teach, from American basketball to Formula 1, the ability to build a premium offer allows us to expand the market by raising the quality of the experience offered: this is the only way we can capture and retain the attention of our billion followers.

Gaudenzi: «The farewell of the big 3 will not destroy tennis»

One of the most recurring questions among professionals and broadcasters refers to the future of tennis after the departure of the Big 3. Roger Federer said goodbye to this fantastic sport in the Laver Cup, playing the last match paired with Rafael Nadal.

The Majorcan and Novak Djokovic They still dream of making a difference and still don’t seem ready to talk about future retirement. Gaudenzi said: «Does the departure of the big 3 risk ruining the party? I don’t think so.

If we look back, the recent history of tennis has been marked by cycles and rivalries that have always known how to renew themselves. The product today is strong and will continue to be strong, I am thinking for example of our new phenomena, such as Carlos Alcaraz, Stefanos Tsitsipas or Jannik Sinner, and then the women.»

We remember that both Djokovic and Nadal should play the Australian Open 2023, despite the fact that there are still some doubts about the presence of Nole, linked to the issue of vaccines.

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