Exotic Naomi Osaka Pulls Of Tarzan Dive In Hawaiian Water (Video)

The exotic Naomi Osaka is thrown from the dive of Tarzan in Hawaiian waters (VIDEO)

Japanese tennis superstar Naomi Osaka shared pictures and a video from her vacation in Hawaii, as noted by some of Naomi’s Instagram followers.

Osaka recently celebrated her 25th birthday

Last month, four-time Grand Slam winner Naomi Osaka looked back on her life on her 25th birthday.

«So a quarter of a century has passed for me and I feel so lucky to have met so many different people and traveled to so many exciting places in that time. Honestly, with each passing year, I always hope to be more organized or magically more grown up.» , I have realized that many things cannot be rushed and everything will come eventually through the experience of living life.

Thank you thank you thank you for watching me go on this journey and I am so grateful for all the love and messages, I really don’t know what I did to deserve it all. I love you and I’m sure I’ll see you around,» said Osaka.

For messages like the one above, Osaka is appreciated by many of her fans.

Nick Kyrgios also pointed this out. “Naomi, I love what she brings to the sport,” Kyrgios told the Tokyo tournament website. “I think she is an incredible athlete. She can play great tennis, but what she can do off the court is even more inspiring.

She has so many people who admire her. She inspires millions of people and I think that’s something I bring to the table as well.” The 2022 season hasn’t been fantastic for Osaka in terms of results. As proof, she is now the 42nd-ranked player in the world.

«This year has not been the best for me, but I have learned a lot about myself,» Osaka said, according to AFP. «Life has its ups and downs, and this year was more low than high, but overall I’m pretty happy with where I am now.»

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