Top Coach Analyzes The Rise Of Carlos Alcaraz

The elite coach analyzes the rise of Carlos Alcaraz

Former World No. 25 Mischa Zverev believes it has been a strange year when it comes to the ATP rankings as he hopes everything will return to normal in 2023. Carlos Alcaraz, who is currently the world’s highest-ranked player , has 6,740 points in his collection.

A few years ago, Grigor Dimitrov was seventh in the world with about 7,000 points to his credit. “I recently spoke with Grigor Dimitrov. He told me that a few years ago he had 7,000 world ranking points and was number seven in the world.

Now Alcaraz has 6,740 points and is number one,» Zverev said on Instagram Live for Eurosport Deutschland. «It has not been a normal year: Coronavirus, Wimbledon. It was weird. I hope that next year will be a bit more normal, that there will be points in all Grand Slams and that all players can play wherever they want,” Zverev added.

Several factors have contributed to Alcaraz being the highest ranked player in the world with under 7,000 points in his collection. This season started with Novak Djokovic being denied participation in the Australian Open.

As Djokovic was unable to defend his Australian Open title, he lost 2,000 points. Russian players were then denied participation in Wimbledon and the ATP responded by removing Wimbledon ranking points. Although Djokovic defended his Wimbledon title, he lost 2,000 points as a result of the ATP sanction at Wimbledon.

In addition, Rafael Nadal – who is currently the third player in the world – did not receive any points for his passage through the Wimbledon semifinals. It has been a strange reason, that he has presented some things that have never really been seen.

alcaraz made history

In a new column for El País, Toni Nadal analyzes the crowning of Carlos Alcaraz at the US Open, making him the youngest world number 1 in history, at just 19 years old. The Spanish coach also remembers the first time he saw the prodigy play.

“In two weeks he achieved what many great tennis players aspire to achieve throughout their sports career; the precocity with which he achieved it will be very difficult to overcome. I was told about him when I was 12 or 13 years old and the first time I saw him play, when I was 14 or 15 years old, I was very impressed. Alcaraz has shown that he is the player most likely to replace the Big 3, ”Rafa’s uncle wrote.

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