República Checa Alemania United Cup

The Czech Republic overtakes Germany

Czech Republic beat Germany. Kvitova gave away the third point of the set, although then the Germans managed to even the score by adding a point from the men’s singles and doubles.

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Kvitova – Siegemund (6-4, 6-2)

On Saturday, 2-0 to the Czech Republic Kvitova and Siegemund They continued the streak. Kvitova was a big favorite to take the win against a player who was not having a good moment. The previous two meetings of the head-to-head and two wins for Kvitova. There wasn’t much history in the match and Petra was outmatched from start to finish. He always took the lead on the scoreboard and sealed the game 6-4 and 6-2 to give the Czech Republic the set win.

Eight – Svrcina (7-6(1), 6-2)

When the Czech Republic already knew that it won the tie or Svrcina and Otte They competed in singles. Dalibor is a young player with a great prognosis, but he faced Otte, who already showed in 2022 what he is capable of. Svrcina started without complexes, was very brave and quickly escaped to 3-0, although he used his experience and ended up leveling in the end. In sudden death, he was better and won the first set 7-6. In the second set, the German set tennis and managed to tie the game 6-2, giving Germany the first point in the tie.

Siegemund/Zverev – Bouzkova/Lehecka (6-4, 7-6(1))

The singles point was contested Siegemund and Zverev against Bouzkova and Lehecka. In an even match that was decided by small details – In the first set, Siegemund and Zverev complemented each other very well and 6-4 used their advantage. In the second quarter, equality was the maximum, although Zverev and Siegemund managed to lead 5-2. In the end they went to a draw. In sudden death, the German duo was stronger and ended up tying the match 7-1, leaving the series against the Czech Republic at 2-3 after five games.

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