Definidos Cuartos Buenos Aires

The Buenos Aires quarterfinals were settled

Argentine tennis players Mariano Navone, Hernán Casanova and Román Burruchaga reached the quarterfinals of the Challenger 50 tournament in Buenos Aires.

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Today’s game showed a great level

Mariano Navone and Bautista Torres determined one of the places in the quarter-finals of the tournament that will be held Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club. Both are coming off good finishes in 2022 and are looking to score points as they look to crack the Top 200 altogether, which has paid off for him in general.

The beginning of the match was even, the duo strictly from the pass and from the right, used a heavy ball and without suffering. Later, Bautista grew in the match, made good decisions, was able to break and get on track. However, Mariano put on the overalls, worked, passed balls, looked for risks and made five plays to go 7-5. There was hardly any development in the second round, No. 259 was strong and decisive, he took advantage of every opportunity to make it 6-0. Deep in the deciding set, Torres took control again and led his victory at the break. However, Navone did not lose his composure, he bided his time, stayed focused and came from behind 7-5, 0-6, 7-5.

Quick fight and match

Hernan Casanova jumped into center field face to face João Reis da Silvain a meeting that promised to be a great fight as both have great fighting spirit.

The first round was not what was expected, as the Argentinian felt comfortable in the development, did not suffer, hurt from his strikes and managed to take a 6-1 lead. The second set was a tight battle. They made it to the fourth game with a break each for Hernán to break and serve. However, the Brazilian recovered with great attitude to recover and saved four match points. Later, Joao again escaped from two match points to get out. There he played fully powered up and tied 7-6 (1). There were many breaks in the decisive round, without anyone being able to define their candidacy. But Casanova’s physique won with great difficulty to succeed 6-1, 6-7(1), 6-4.

For him Romanian Burruchaga He had no problem showing great tennis and eliminating the Brazilian Gustavo Heide decisively 6-1, 6-2. The young Argentinian showed a fantastic level with a powerful backhand and a very fine and accurate forehand.

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