Naomi Osaka: The Best Server Of The Women'S Tour?

The best server on the Women’s Tour?

the japanese star noemi osaka it has often been exposed to pressing social issues. She recounted in an interview a while back how she felt when she first made them: «There’s a point where you think to yourself: Well, there’s no going back now.»

So I would say it definitely scared the hell out of me. When I first posted a statement about police brutality towards Black people on Twitter, before wearing masks. I withdrew from a tournament that day and received so many notifications – my Twitter has never blown up like that before.

Accepting and realizing that tennis is a majority white sport, which is something I learned growing up. They all know that. So I hope, you know, as the years go by, that point of view changes.» After the elimination at the 2022 US Open, he said: «Right now I need to relax a bit, take a few days off, because there’s a lot. chaos in my head, i think too much.

Injuries affected my entire season, just a few days ago I couldn’t even serve well. Today I competed again and on the court I felt something similar to fun. The problem continues to be not being able to play as I would like and that leads to defeat, which is always difficult.

My biggest wish is to be able to play continuously without back problems. I have the feeling that today I gave my best, I did what I could. The truth is that I have no firm plans of what will happen.»

Naomi Osaka: the best server on the Women’s Tour?

Naomi Osaka’s first serve is one of the best shots from the young Japanese star.

Naomi won 76.2% of the points with her first service in 2022. In second place is Qinwen Zheng with 74.4%, followed by Wimbledon champion Elena Rybakina with 72.2%. Fourth was the Russian Liudmila Samsonova with 71.7% and fifth the French Caroline Garcia with 71.6%, winner of the WTA Finals 2022.

However, Osaka has played a few games this season, 23 to be exact. Naomi has faced far fewer top ten opponents than most other top fives in the WTA rankings, which means her serve has likely been under much less pressure than her opponents.

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